The Plan

Mike Vermeulen is leading a three-day ride for PEDAL from Fort Collins to the corner of Nebraska and back. The plan is to go to at least the Wyoming/Nebraska/Colorado (WYNECO) tri-state point and back. We will have a SAG vehicle for this ride. Join us either for a three-day ride with overnight camping, or just on Saturday.

Our ride starts Friday at 3:00pm from the park-n-ride lot just west of Harmony Road exit on I-25. On Friday we'll bicycle 42 miles to Briggsdale where we'll camp at Crow Valley Campground. A group camp site (Lark) is reserved for two nights. Please Contact Mike if you are riding Friday so we'll know to expect you.

If camping is not for you, you can still join us at Crow Valley Campground near Briggsdale at 8am on Saturday, July 30th. On Saturday we ride north via Hereford and then east to WYNECO. We pass through Hereford and Grover. The round trip distance is approximately 80 miles, including 28 miles of gravel road. There is a moderate amount of loose gravel. Bring both lunch and sufficient water as there are not likely to be either available along the way.

On Sunday morning we'll bicycle back from Crow Valley.

Hours for local businesses

Briggsdale Market (in Briggsdale)

Briggsdale Gas station and market (0.5 miles east on CO 14)

Hereford Bar and Grill (in Hereford)

Grover Market (in Grover)

Approximate Route Directions

0.0Start at Crow Valley Campground and CR 77
23.0Turn right onto CR 136 (follow pavement)
24.5Straight, through Hereford
29.0Straight, leave pavement to continue straight on CR 136
37.0Left onto CR 105
39.0Right onto dirt track, across cattle grate, past windmill (this turn just after pavement begins)
39.5Stop, You've arrived at WYNECO!
39.5Return on dirt track to CR 105
40.0Left onto CR 105
49.0Right onto CR 122 when CR 105 ends
57.3Left and follow road through Grover, pavement returns
64.0Left on CR 77
79.0Stop, return to Crow Valley Campground

Alternate Routes

~45 mile Saturday ride, all pavement

For those wishing a shorter Saturday ride, one suggested route is to bicycle to Grover and back. This entire route is paved and is ~45 miles.

A slightly longer ride with ~8 miles of gravel is to ride to Hereford with the group and then take CR 390 directly from Hereford to Grover. This makes for a ~55 mile ride.

What about adding 13 bonus miles to Panorama Point?

The route above places us within two miles (as the crow flies) of Panorama Point (410400N, 1040118W), the highest point in Nebraska. The surface roads have a fair amount of loose gravel and are 6.3 miles each way. The last 1.3 miles have signs posted "No Hikers, No biking". The reason is because this is open range with Bison. There is a $2/person admission fee. Based on bison, gravel and extra miles, we will likely skip Panorama Point on this trip. For those still gung ho, the route instructions from intersection of CR 105 / CR 136 (mile 37.0 above) are as follows:
37.0Straight on CR 136
40.0Left onto CR 111
42.0Cross Colorado/Nebraska border
42.1Left on small dirt track
43.3Panorama Point