One Year By Bicycle
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Equipment List

Mike's equipment list for the trip.

Cannondale ST1000 touring bike (my old bike, tried and true)
front panniers, rear panniers, handlebar bag
five water bottles
water purification tablets
bicycle helmet
bicycling gloves
bicycle pump
Bicycle repair kit: spare tire, three inner tubes, two patch kits, spoke wrench, spokes, chain tool, cassette remover, tire irons, allen wrenches, spare axle, crescent wrenches, phillips screwdriver, pedal wrench, normal screwdriver, moist towelettes, pliers, pressure gauge, extra cables, electricians tape, schrader adapter, nylon ties, lubricant.
$, wallet, credit cards, AAA card, drivers license, emergency info, plane tickets, passport.
two long sleeve shirts
two short sleeve shirts
one pair long pants
one pair tights
one pair rain pants
two pair cycling shorts
four pair underwear
four pair socks
fleece pullover
rain parka & rain pants
heavy mittens
wool hat
nylon rope
sleeping pad
sleeping bag
pen and paper
notebook PC
phone cords
digital camera
digital camera cord
toilet kit including: soap, shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste, floss, comb, chapstick, insect repellent, sunscreen, towel, toilet paper, safety pins, sewing kit, clothes pins, malaria pills & vacinations
ziplock bags
garbage bags
power bars and spare food
paperback book
stove & fuel & pots & cup & knife/fork/spooon

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