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Poetry: Rolling Stone, by Robert W. Service


Lonely Planet guide to Australia.


Bureau of Meteorology, information about wind speeds, precipitation and temperature.  A few charts:
Rainfall, May to July
Rainfall August to October Wind, spring
Autumn high temperatures.
Winter high temperatures Wind, winter

Note: These images are Copyright Commonwealth of Australia, Bureau of Meteorology and cached copies from site above.

Australia satellite picture.

Long distance bicycling in Australia

Water stops in Western Australia, from the excellent Bicycle Fish website.
Perry Stone, completed a race around Australia in 41 days!
Chris Grant, started cycling around Australia and gave up on day four...
Australia road rules, from Western Australia applicable to all of Australia.
Chris Terebus, Bike Raid 2000, mountain bicycle ride around Australia
Fiona Collins, OzIndo Project bicycle around Australia for underprivileged housing in Indonesia.
Bob and Claire Rogers trip with Zippy from May 2001 to May 2002
Don Pattendon, Bicycle Around Australia, January 1997 to August 1998 (from Tasmania to Cairns).


Lonely Planet guide to India.
Michael Callan, Bicycle Touring in North India.
Bicycling South of India from Chennai to Goa.
Paul van Roekel and Anja de Graaf, Bicycling in India.

New Zealand

Lonely Planet guide to New Zealand.
Jan Boonstra, Bicycle touring in New Zealand.
Scott Ellington's 1994 cycling trip to Australia and New Zealand.
Jenny George's Guide to New Zealand.
New Zealand climate description.

Bicycle Touring

Web pages that have inspired me (both web and cycling)

Al Young's journal for Odyssey2000.
Paul van Roekel and Anja de Graaf, Cycling Around the World.
Ed Noonan's Tailwinds web site, Alaska to Florida in 1996.

Good collections of travelogues

Ken Kifer's bike pages, articles on bicycling.
Raph de Rooij's collection, of worldwide pages.
Trento Bike Pages, bicycling in Europe and the Mediterranean.
Yahoo! Bicycle Travelogues, source of many of my hits.

Mike's other links, Mike's bicycling web site; past trips including across Canada, across USA, Atlantic Coast, Pacific Coast, Hawaii, Tasmania, and many more..., Mike's home page, Bert and Jean's home page


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