One Year By Bicycle
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June 10th, Daly Waters pub

Daly Waters Pub
In Daly Waters there is a Pub
Where you can drink enough to fill a tub
People come from near and far
To plonk their ass upon the bar

The Pub's as Aussie as you can get
G'Day Mate is how you're met
Character and charm describe it best
You can put your "OCCA" to the test

There's memorabilia on pillar and post
But it's the ME-AND-U I like the most
The Beef and Barra Barbeque
Washes down well with a beer or two

An experience not to be missed
Just meet the staff and you'll get pissed
They are easy going and polite
Daly Waters Pub - A bloody good night


Heather Malschoss, South Australia


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