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June 19th, Kakadu landscapes


Kakadu, Oh what a place,
With heaps of wildlife, and lots of space.
There's crocs-n-buffalo, birds and flowers,
It's a place to stay for hours and hours.
Indigenous rock art paintings here,
Dating back some thousand years.
Majestic falls adorn this park,
You can gaze in awe, from dawn till dark.
Monsoon rains just tumble down,
Igniting flora from the ground.
The big wet season's left its mark,
With lightning strikes and shredded bark.
Pods burst open in the trees,
Showering seeds amongst the reeds.
The rain goes on for days and days,
Flushing out the waterways.
When the dry arrives, and the wet has stopped,
Wild life run, jump, swim and hop.
There's geese-n-turtles, pythons too,
All here to see for me and you.
When the birds fly in for a well earned rest,
They feed their young ones in the nest.
A croc swims by, the sun goes down,
There's lots of noise, and funny sounds.
Nature works in wondrous ways,
There's a feeding frenzy through the haze.
Flash fires start, some animals die,
A bird of prey, swoops from the sky.
The barramundi lies in wait,
For crabs-n-frogs-darting bait.
It's a huge food chain in God's great zoo,
This beautiful place called KAKADU

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