One Year By Bicycle
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September 5th, Football tip sheet...not quite certain how these work, but up in many taverns

The Kid From Watheroo
The boys aboard the transport were busy talking 'fight'
We'd just begun our journey, said goodbye to the Rottnest Light.
Some were skitin' awful of the DEED they meant to do.
When he butted in promiskas with - 'I'm the Kidd from Watheroo.'

O' Watheroo that tiny town - he'd got it on the brain.
We'd start to talk of many things but he stuck to one refrain.
We hoped we might see London, p'raps Berlin and Paris too!
Then he calmly asked us, if we'd been to Watheroo?

England! We got there to its endless lack of sun.
Then drilling, drilling - always drilling, a case of Never Done.
Mud and mud, black clinging mud, our red hot curses drew.
And Kidd admitted England had more mud than Watheroo!

Then came the news that we could get a chance to win our spurs,
To play the game, and show our breed was not a breed of curs.
We were ordered off to Belgium to face the German crew.
We yelled - 'Australia will be there' Kidd said 'and Watheroo'.

A rousing cheer that split the sky, went bounding through the air.
We vowed that when we struck Belgium, they'd know that we were there.
We swore for King and Country, our very best to do.
Kidd swore for King and Country, but also for 'Watheroo'.

Our 'fritzy' undercover was as cunning as a rat.
And yet we'd done no shootin', saw nothin' to shoot at.
Till a German popped his head up, that head he ne'en withdrew,
For a rifle pinged, the sergeant said - 'Pigs head for Watheroo'.

And when the scrap was over, and each had done his part,
And felt man and soldier, with aching eye and heart,
I searched among the wounded, for fellows that I knew.
I turned one over in the mud. Twas the Kidd of Watheroo.

He'd carried in his Captain, almost dying, through the wrack.
Of smoke and fire of battle, but just as he got back
A German sniper 'pinked him' but the bullet went clean through
And when he's well we'll hear again from Kidd of Watheroo!

Last week, a 'Head' slipped in and read a cable from the King.
He thanked his 'gallant soldiers' - we made the sickroom ring.
With cheers - real rousin' heart cheers.  Then Kidd said 'strike me blue',
I hope to God he's not forgot to cable 'Watheroo'.


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