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October 11th, Opal mining

Opal Miner's Prayer

The sun is burning the sky,
The sky is burning the earth,
The earth is burning my body,
My body is burning my soul,

O my God, you always knew
My soul has been all yours
If you mind give us some rain
To refresh the whole thing.

You can give plenty rain
But, I beg of you, please,
Don't wet the road too much.
The wet road is a mess
And spoils the whole thing.

If you are in a good mood
I like to beg for more:
Let me find some opal,
Some red, some green, and some orange.
Plenty if you don't mind,
But don't let my neighbour see
And don't let the tax know
Or they get the whole thing.
Thanks a lot.


    Copyright 1977, Vincent D'Amour, C.PDY 33

Unless otherwise specified, this page Copyright 2001-2002, Mike Vermeulen