One Year By Bicycle
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November 3rd, Tantanoola Cave

Tantanoola Caves

With sustained curiosity we waited,
    While our guide, with key in hand,
Opened wide the door for us;
    And there was Fairyland!
With hesitant steps we followed,
    While amazed at what we saw,
For each new shape unfurled for us
    More beautiful than before
Here, in the earth was colour and grace,
    From the ceiling to the floor.
Small wonder that we marvelled,
    And behold it all with awe.
Unknowingly, we spoke in subdued voices
    Of all the countless years precise,
It must have taken nature
    To make this paradise.
Reluctant to leave, we lingered yet awhile,
    To realise that beauty has not always wings,
For often, below the surface,
    There are better things.

Written by LE, Tantanoola, 11/6/47 in "The South Eastern Times"

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